about treat the symptom

“Treat the cause, not the symptom”.  It’s simple, self evident and invariably works, though it is often not the path of least resistance.  Therefore it is often ignored.  This is politics writ large; the investment of time, energy and finance into treating the symptoms of the issues that affect our societies rather than tackling their root cause.

This blog offers my insights into politics in general, from political philosophy to international relations and beyond.

Putting the ‘p’ into politics 


Politics with a big ‘P’ is the arena of political decision making and its associated organisations and institutions.  MPs at Westminster, your local council, the European Union.  These are all big ‘P’. 

politics with a little ‘p’ can be roughly defined  any situation in which one person, organisation or institution exerts influence (power) over another. The relation between husband and wife, teacher and pupil, advertiser and consumer, these are all little ‘p’